If you are facing the need for a rotary screw air compressor then your search will become easier if you gather possible information about the screw compressor. It will become easy for you to determine which component of a rotary screw compressor is important and needs more attention than others. Moreover, you will not get deceived by the seller.

There is a fact that the working of a tool and its components have the same importance and both can’t be ignored at any cost. But before taking a step to buy a rotary screw air compressor, it is very crucial that you know the basic details about its components. You can take assistance from the given mentioned article to have component details of the screw compressor.

History of Rotary Screw Compressor

Screw compressors are not a new name in the field of industrialization rather it is quite well-known from the past. With the introduction of the industry on earth, compressors were used to compress air for various purposes. Rotary screw compressors have a complete background with the evolution from time to time and have attained the present look.

Just like all the things present on earth industrial products also have to bold with time and have turned towards a better look. Rotary screw compressor has now become a part and parcel object of the present industry. It is better to look at the historical background as well as the evolution of the compressor to know it better.

Most Prominent Components

The important component details of rotary screw compressors are going to be mentioned below:

Air Filters

For filtering air, air filters are highly recommended. This is because the air entering the screw compressor may contain such elements that directly affect the working of the compressor. Hence, air filters are connected to it either directly or remotely to get rid of toxic elements in the air.

Air Ends

The air end is the main part of a rotary screw compressor. It has gained so much importance as the entire process of compression of air is done in this component. Hence, it is listed as the heart of a rotary screw air compressor.

Oil Filter

Oil filters work just like air filters but have a minor difference. It works by collecting the loose particles so that none of them enters the air compressor system. You can choose to connect it with the filter manifold either mounted or separately.

Oil Cooler

When the process of air compression is done in the air compressor system then it will produce a great amount of heat as a result. This heat needs to be removed so that the further procedure can be done effectively. Air coolers are needed in such a situation to cool down the liquid that becomes hot during the procedure.

Primary Separator Tank

The compressor oil is required to be mixed in the compressed air and then this mixture travels down the primary separator tank. In this area, special techniques are used so that the oil can be removed from the air.

Secondary Separation Filter

The collected air from the primary separator tank is then moved to the secondary separation filter. Here, the remaining particles of oil are separated from the air and transferred back to the primary system.


Last but not least, hoses are another important component of a rotary screw air compressor. Their job includes the movement of oil and air between the air compressor components. The thing to keep in mind is that these hoses are required to balance the heat and pressure requirements of the rotary screw compressor.

Final Wording

No matter how great a professional you are, if you don’t know about the components of a rotary screw air compressor then you will never be able to use it. Moreover, having an understanding of screw compressor components also helps you in making your choice perfect while buying a screw compressor either for your home or industry.


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