The television market is brimming with unlimited options. There is every kind of product available, from average to premium. Since Android TV boxes are expensive, making the right purchase is extremely important. Conducting research and gathering reviews about an Android TV box brand is vital for a good buy and not wasting your money on a useless plastic box.

If you don’t know where to begin, this post is for you. Here is a detailed insight about the top products from Geniatech. If you are searching for a high-quality product, visit: Geniatech is a high-performance software and hardware manufacturing company that conquered a significant community with its upmarket Android TV boxes.

Nextgen Android STB ATSC3.0

Nextgen ATSC3.0 is a next-generation Android TV top-box device. It features a Quad-core A55 processor for a lag-free experience. The device offers an upgraded video channel and can easily output MPEG4 videos up to 120 frames per second and a resolution of 2160p4K.

The most razor-edge feature of ATSC3.0 is its dual-channel reception which allows you to record another program while live streaming.

The model comes with 2 GB RAM and 16GB built-in memory, extending to 32 GB. It has an HDMI, MicroSD card, and 2 USB ports (3.0 and 2.0). The LAN port allows you to plug in an Ethernet cable for high-speed internet access.

ATV698 TV Top Box

The ATV 698 is another remarkable product from the same manufacturer. It incorporates 2 GB RAM, a Quad-core processor, and a GPU chip, ARM Mali-G31. The output resolution is crystal clear, which delivers a cinema-like experience. Furthermore, it features mobile screen projection, so you can quickly transfer your phone’s screen content to your TV.

The unit has multiple ports like HDMI, RF, LAN, and DC for increased connectivity. It is also compatible with various Wi-Fi standards to ensure premium performance.

Android Box ATV496

If you are looking for compactness and performance, the ATV496b is your go-to. It has a sleek heat dissipating design, and the Cortex CPU chip is remarkably power efficient. An internal monitoring system ensures the device functions to its best.

It also allows remote device management, so you can update firmware and download and uninstall applications remotely. Compatibility with higher Wi-Fi standards, app customizations, and SDK features fulfill the customization needs of sensitive users.


AV1 is an affordable 4K Quad-core Android TV setup box supporting the latest display interfaces like AV TV and HDMI. The newest Android 11 operating system is versatile and lets you install all kinds of applications effortlessly. It is compatible with HDR10+, Dolby Visionoptional, HLG HDR, and HDR10.

The case has a honeycomb pattern on all four sides, allowing more heat dissipation. Similar to the ATV496, it also incorporated an internal watchdog system to keep the hardware to its full potential.

The Bottom Line

Android TV boxes are an excellent replacement for traditional cable TV boxes. You can access all Google-related services effortlessly. Since the choices are endless, you should enter the market with precise requirements. Else the options will sway your decisions.

Since Android TV boxes use Android operating systems, the best way is to look for Android competency features. Factors like Android OS version, GPU, RAM, and storage make one Android TV box superior to another. Additionally, video outputs are also important. The device must support higher video outputs so you can watch high-quality content easily.


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